Improving Practice Together, funded by the National Science Foundation, improves elementary science instruction by engaging students in argumentation from evidence.

Improving Practice Together was a three-way partnership to study: 1) how the PRACTISE Professional Learning model, developed by the Lawrence Hall at the University of California, Berkeley and Stanford University, could be adapted and implemented in Santa Clara Unified School District to align with district goals and priorities; and 2) the development of district capacity to implement the adapted PL model beyond the life of the project.

Learn about IPT’s professional learning model and how we’re building teacher leadership capacity. For a discussion about this video, see here.

Learn more about how our three-way research practice partnership addresses the needs and interests of each partner. For a discussion about this video, see here.

scusd teacher leaders

SCUSD Teacher Leaders

Our Team

sara allan

Sara Allan

Research and Evaluation

hilda borko

Hilda Borko

PI, Research and Evaluation

melissa collins

Melissa Collins

Lead Evaluator

coraline delhaye

Coralie Delhaye

Research and Evaluation

nicole konicke

Nicole Konicke


susan million

Susan Million

Research and Evaluation

jonathan osborne

Jonathan Osborne

Co-PI, Research and Evaluation

sarah pedemonte

Sarah Pedemonte

Professional Learning

emily reigh

Emily Reigh

Research and Evaluation

tricia ringel v2

Tricia Ringel


alex sanchez

Alexandra Sanchez

Research and Evaluation

craig strang

Craig Strang

Co-PI, Professional Learning

diana velez

Diana Velez

Professional Learning

emily weiss

Emily Weiss

PI, Professional Learning

matt wilsey

Matthew Wilsey

Research and Evaluation

krista woodward

Krista Woodward