Research and Evaluation Instruments to Study Teacher Leadership Development

The IPT Research and Evaluation team studied the impact of the program on teacher practice, student outcomes, and the development of teacher leadership, including: 

  • The varied ways teacher leaders took on formal and informal leadership roles among their peers
  • Which experiences and resources were most helpful in supporting leadership development
  • How teachers’ perceptions, confidence, and attitudes towards leadership changed over time

Research and evaluation findings provided actionable feedback to the professional learning team on how to better support teacher leaders, and illuminated the development of leadership over time.

Here are resources to support researchers and evaluators in understanding the development of teacher leadership : 

  • Interviews and surveys (to explore participants’ experiences of: leadership-focused professional learning, supporting their peers, and changes in their practice)
  • Observation and Recording Tools (to document the goals, activities, and outcomes of leadership-focused professional learning)

These instruments could be useful examples for others studying the impact of a leadership-focused professional learning program.