Developing Teacher Leaders

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Improving Practice Together helps teacher leaders to:

  1. Become more reflective in their practice
  2. Support students in engaging in argument from evidence
  3. Lead professional learning experiences 
  4. Support colleagues in using argumentation as a tool for sense-making

IPT Teacher Leadership Development Framework

Diagram: Leading other teachers; leadership from the classroom; developing capabilities to lead others

The three components of the IPT Teacher Leadership Development Framework are mutually supportive: leading other teachers, leadership from the classroom, and developing capabilities to lead others.

  • Leading other teachers: Teacher leaders design and lead professional learning opportunities for their colleagues. Using existing high quality, “educative” professional learning materials supports this development. The ongoing design and implementation of new professional learning experiences is informed by teachers’ experiences in the classroom as they improve their own instruction, and develop their capabilities to lead others.
  • Leadership from the classroom: Teacher leaders continually improve and reflect on their own teaching practices and pedagogical content knowledge. This improves their ability to identify and identify and address problems of practice as they emerge.
  • Developing capabilities to lead others: Teacher leaders experience the professional learning they will lead with their peers, then develop and reflect on their own leadership capabilities using high quality professional learning materials, and their ability to identify needs as they emerge within the district.

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