Research Practice Partnership

Improving Practice Together was a six-year research practice partnership (RPP) to build the capacity of teachers to teach scientific argumentation by developing sustainable teacher leadership, and to study the process and its impact. The PRACTISE professional learning model for supporting elementary teachers to facilitate argumentation was adapted to the structures and needs of the district through the collaboration of all partners. As part of this project, teachers were recruited to gradually become teacher leaders. The teachers first focused on improving their own classroom practice, then co-facilitated professional learning sessions with the Lawrence Hall of Science team, and ultimately, facilitated sessions on their own. 

RPPs are long-term collaborations between practitioners and researchers. RPPs vary greatly in their structures and arrangements but share a common goal of addressing persistent problems of educational practice through engagement with research.

The figure below details how the different partners in our Improving Practice Together project worked together to achieve mutually beneficial goals.

rpp diagram v2