Nicole Konicke


nicole konicke

Nicole Konicke is an Instructional Coach and Elementary Science Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA) for Santa Clara Unified School District. She leads professional learning and teacher leadership development for SCUSD’s Elementary Educators. Nicole transitioned into her role as the IPT project was concluding, allowing her to support IPT website development and continue the work with district teacher leaders in professional development that leverages the materials from the project.

Nicole received her Bachelor’s in Elementary Education from Purdue University. Her background as a middle school math and science instructor helped her develop the skills necessary for this role. Nicole has served as a teacher leader on multiple district science committees where she dissected NGSS standards, developed plans for implementation, and piloted curriculum materials. Additionally, she received her Master’s in Learning Design & Technology from San Diego State University which expanded her desire to create engaging learning experiences for adult learners.