Interviews and Surveys

Throughout the Improving Practice Together project, we used interview and survey protocols to collect data about the perceptions of teacher leaders and their experiences of teaching in new ways, of engaging in professional learning, and of supporting peers. We used these protocols to answer both research and evaluation questions related to (a) the design and implementation of leadership development goals and activities; (b) professional learning outcomes; and (c) the evolving practices and perceptions of teacher leaders. 

More information about the evolving foci of interview and survey protocols

As research and practitioner partners, we considered each other’s evolving needs and changing contexts. Conceptions of teacher leadership were modified over the course of the project. The protocols used in the earlier phase (2019) focused on participants’ competency to lead and adapt the PRACTISE model for their peers. In later years (2020-2021), the protocols also studied the development of broader leadership practices and dispositions, involving informal peer support. More about these changes is offered in the Findings on Teacher Leadership Development section.


These protocols were used to collect data to study how the IPT project contributed to building teacher leadership in scientific argumentation, and to offer quick feedback to partners about the outcomes of professional learning experiences. 

These protocols may be useful for other projects wanting to understand successes, challenges, and outcomes of their own teacher leadership development initiatives.

See the about section for more information about how data collection changed over time using these protocols.


The Research and Evaluation team used surveys to gather teacher leaders’ reactions and perspectives after (1) their own leadership-focused professional learning experiences and (2) professional learning experiences that they co-facilitated.