Session 4: Model Argumentation Lesson


In this session, participants engage in a model FOSS® (Full Option Science System) lesson that uses argumentation strategies. (Full Option Science System, Next Generation Edition, developed at the Lawrence Hall of Science; Published and Distributed by Delta Education/School Specialty.) The Mixtures and Solutions Module is designed for grade 5. Note: The model lesson can be replaced with any other lesson that asks students to gather and collect evidence to support or refute a claim. In a whole-group discussion, participants share their ideas about the parts of argumentation they engaged in, and discuss the experiences (scaffolds) that supported their engagement with those aspects of argumentation. The importance of teaching science in the way that scientists learn about the world is thereby reinforced.


Theme Goals 
Argumentation – Connect to prior knowledge about academic discussions and argumentation
– Introduce argumentation
– Observe and experience what argumentation looks like in a classroom
– Explore role of argumentation in science
Learning and Teaching – Build awareness and expertise related to how argumentation deepens understanding of science ideas

Leader Guide and Slides