Session 21: Argumentation when Planning an Investigation


During this session, participants build on some claims they made during Session 20’s engineering design challenge. At the end of Session 20, they generated claims as to which factors they thought might have contributed to carts’ traveling the farthest distance. In this session, partners select a claim to investigate. They design investigations to find evidence for and against the claim they have chosen. Participants focus on the following questions regarding argumentation: 

  • How can a teacher support students in evaluating appropriate methods and/or tools to investigate a focus question? 
  • How can a teacher support students in providing and receiving critiques from peers about a proposed procedure? 

In this session, participants engage in a model FOSS® (Full Option Science System) lesson that uses argumentation strategies. (Full Option Science System, Next Generation Edition, developed at the Lawrence Hall of Science; Published and Distributed by Delta Education/School Specialty). The Motion & Matter Module is designed for grade 3.


Argumentation– Experience and deconstruct a model lesson that demonstrates using argumentation to plan an investigation

Leader Guide and Slides