Session 2: The Nature and Practices of Science


In this session, participants continue to build on their prior knowledge regarding arguing from evidence in science. They address how argumentation is used by scientists and how it might be used in a science classroom to deepen student understanding of both science concepts and science as a distinct way of understanding the world. Participants assess their own understanding of the nature and practices of science and explore differing views to come to understand the nature of science as defined by the NGSS. 

In this session, participants engage in a model FOSS® (Full Option Science System) lesson that uses argumentation strategies. (Full Option Science System, Next Generation Edition, developed at the Lawrence Hall of Science; Published and Distributed by Delta Education/School Specialty). The Mixtures and Solutions Module is designed for grade 5.


Theme Goals 
Argumentation – Connect to prior knowledge about the nature and practices of science
– Explore role of argumentation in science
– Experience argumentation as a learner
Learning and Teaching – Build awareness and expertise related to how argumentation deepens understanding of science ideas
– Learn about the nature and practices of science

Leader Guide and Slides