Session 19: Using Argumentation to Build a More Scientific Understanding


Participants have learned that argumentation can be used to bring students to a deeper understanding of science ideas. In this session, they consider the following questions: How can we make sure that we get students to a deeper and more accurate understanding? and, How can we keep track of students’ developing understanding so we can guide them to a more accurate view? During the session, participants engage in a science activity that allows them to engage in science ideas around electricity and magnetism while engaging in argumentation with the goal of moving everyone closer to the normative scientific understanding. Participants debrief the instructor moves that facilitated learners’ moving toward the normative understanding of science concepts. Together they review strategies that were used for narrowing in on the normative scientific views related to the content. 

In this session, participants engage in a model FOSS® (Full Option Science System) lesson that uses argumentation strategies. (Full Option Science System, Next Generation Edition, developed at the Lawrence Hall of Science; Published and Distributed by Delta Education/School Speciality.) The Energy Module is designed for grade 4.


Argumentation– Learn methods to support students’ reaching normative understanding of science concepts through argumentation
Learning and Teaching– Build awareness and expertise related to how argumentation deepens understanding of science ideas

Leader Guide and Slides