Session 0: Overview and Introduction


In this introductory session, participants engage in an icebreaker in order to get to know each other and begin to consider how they approach a problem and communicate with each other. They examine the goals of the project for students and for themselves and areintroduced to the learning pathway for the institute. Participants will set up their notebooks to record their learning as both a learner and a teacher. They will take a survey to assess where they are currently in their familiarity with and preparedness to engage their students in argumentation. Finally, they discuss the Seven Norms of Collaboration (from The Adaptive School Developing Collaborative Groups, Garmston & Wellman) and agree on one
to work on for the day.


Introductions and
– Get to know others in the project
– Establish norms for working together collaboratively
– Understand the project goals and institute learning pathway

Leader Guide and Slides