Survey and Interview Protocols to Study Implementation of Classroom Argumentation

The Research and Evaluation team conducted interviews and surveys to study how classroom practices changed over time. These resources provide information on classroom argumentation, and insights.

Introductory/Pre-Professional Learning Survey: Intended for use at the start of a project, this measures teachers’ classroom practices, attitudes towards argumentation, confidence in science teaching, and prior experience

Annual Survey: In combination with the Pre-Professional Learning Survey, this can be used to measure changes over time in teachers’ practices, attitudes, and confidence

Follow-up Session Survey: Intended to be administered throughout the year, in conjunction with follow-up professional learning sessions, to understand teachers’ ongoing implementation of classroom argumentation

TopicSurveys and Relevant Question
Measuring typical practices in the science classroom (related to culture of talk)Introduction/Pre-PL Survey, Q4 Annual Survey, Q13-14
Measuring attitudes towards argumentationPre-PL Survey, Q6-7
Annual Survey, Q1
Measuring confidence in teaching sciencePre-PL Survey, Q8-9
Annual Survey, Q4-5
Application of argumentation in non-science classroom contextsAnnual Survey, Q15
Classroom implementation (e.g., successes, challenges, preparation)Follow-up Session Survey, Q1-3, Q9